Our July 2012 Rally took us to River Plantation RV Park in Sevierville, Tennessee.
Whispering Hills RV Park ~ Georgetown, Kentucky ~ June 2012 Rally
Five of the approximately 2,200 coaches at FMCA's 87th Family Reunion in Indianapolis, Indiana in August 2012 were from the Kentucky Horse Shu Kru.  We attended several seminars that covered topics from convection ovens to Allison transmissions and everything in between. 
The exhibitors presented products that tempted us to loosen our purse strings (some of us just dumped what we had on the floor in front of them).  And, a few of us peeked into a 1.7 million dollar Newell motorcoach (a peek is all we could afford).  Of course, we did find time to just sit around and enjoy each other's company.
August 2012 rally; FMCA Headquarters in Cincinnati.
The September 2012 rally took The Kru to the quaint village of Nashville, Indiana and all of their craft, specialty, antique shops and great music & theatre venues.
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The Great American Outhouse Race
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October sent the Kentucky Horse Shu Kru coaches in different directions.  While many of the members enjoyed activities in and around Renfro Valley, Kentucky, several members attended the GEAR Rally in York, Pennsylvania and then made a post rally trip to New York where they took a day trip into New York City, visited the Statue of Liberty, took a boat ride on the Hudson River and visited the US Military Academy at West Point.
Great Eastern Area Rally 2012 ~ York, Pennsylvania

The Kentucky Horse Shu Kru (and friends) were in charge of the Ice Cream Social again this year. While the Frustrated Maestros serenaded us, everyone filed through and received all the ice cream (and toppings) they wanted in record time.

Things were going well at dinner until Dennis and Ronnie put their heads together and made an a#$ of themselves.
Oktoberfest! After experiencing that, I think we should have a Novemberfest, a Decemberfest and so on through the rest of the year. It isn't fair to limit that much fun to just one month. Here are a few shots from the great time we had at Cave Country RV Park in Cave City, Kentucky. Thanks to Richard and Sabina, Charlie and Sereita for being such great hosts.
Hunting for a wabbit!
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2012 Christmas Dinner at Columbia Steak House ~ Lexington, KY

Slideshow of the photos from the 2012 GEAR Rally