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Diamond Lakes Resort in Owensboro was a lot of fun in July and the nearby City of Owensboro had lots to offer. We discovered a small restaurant, Mamma's Table, near the RV park that made room for all of us on Thursday night and fed us well. Then on Friday, we visited nationally famous Moonlight Barbecue. I have decided that their reputation is well deserved. They have been recognized by AAA, Kentucky Monthly and Kentucky Living as the Best Barbecue in Kentucky. I'd be glad to offer my endorsement if I thought they wanted it.

Then, Saturday's potluck under the picnic shelter overlooking the lakes at Diamond Lakes was delicious as usual. We're certainly blessed with some great cooks in this club.

There were several side trips while we were in the area. There was everything from a consignment store who's owner was fascinated by the color purple, to the swings at the city park downtown overlooking the Ohio River. The weather was near perfect and there wasn't much not to like about the Owensboro area, especially the little doughnut shop downtown.

Thumbs up to Lonnie and Sara for choosing the park, getting us reserved at Moonlite, and being great hosts.

May 2013 Rally at Follow the River RV Resort ~ Florence, Indiana
Thursday night at Belterra Casino
Several trips were made to Granny's in Vevay for breakfast.
Lots of history in the area.  This house is one of the few remaining examples of French architecture built by Frenchmen who found themselves without work after Thomas Jefferson negotiated the 1803 Louisiana Purchase.
Our second rally of the 2013 season took place in May at Follow the River RV Resort near Vevay, Indiana.
Dennis and Betty Ducharme coordinated the setup of all the activities which included a combined potluck dinner on Saturday night with the Cardinal chapter, some of whom we had met at the GEAR Rally in York, Pennsylvania last fall.

A few of our early arrivals at the campground took a Thursday night trip to nearby Belterra Casino to check out their buffet and slot machines.  The buffet was delicious; however, the slots left a slightly different taste in our mouths and certainly an empty feeling in our pockets.

During the rally, it became a daily requirement that we get our day off to a start at Granny's Restaurant in Vevay for their delicious breakfast.
Our Friday night meal out took place at a favorite of the locals, Mo's Steakhouse.

Of course no trip to Switzerland County would be complete without a visit to The Ridge Winery tasting room.
Vevay was founded in 1802 by Swiss immigrants intending on cultivating grapes and producing wine. It was named after the Swiss town of Vevey.  Vevay has a reputation as being home of the first commercial winery in the United States.  I think we all agree that their founding fathers would be proud of the product that has evolved from that beginning.

We've simplified the hosting guidelines so it's not as much strain on those that step up and try to help all their friends enjoy the camping season.
1. Find a campground
2. Choose a restaurant for Friday night's meal out
3. Tell everyone to bring something for potluck.
4. Enjoy the weekend with your friends.

Call if I can help,

(606) 2460230

Along C Row
Brenda and Sandy preparing breakfast
Playing UNO

Is Bob doing
something different
with his hair?
Line Dancing
Chef Philpot!
Slideshow of the above photos
Springtime in the Smokies
Misty River RV Park

The first rally of the year got the 2013 season off to a good start as Misty River Campground near Townsend, Tennessee was the site for our April rally.  Our thanks to Jimmy and all his staff at the campground for all of their help.
We enjoyed a Friday night dinner at the Firefly Cafe. I can vouch for the prime rib and the liver and onions was a big hit at our table as well.
The ladies threw a surprise grandparents shower for Wendell and Mary Ann Lawrence (mostly for Mary Ann). They are now proud grandparents of triplets!!!
Saturday morning breakfast was provided by the hosts, the Bishops and the Engles.  Brenda and Sandy did a great job beating several dozen eggs into submission while Chuck and I tried our best to stay out of the way and let the pros work.
The Saturday evening potluck dinner was highlighted by some delicious smoked pork which was cooked up by our special guest chef John Philpot.  John and his wife Joann rented an onsite fifth wheel and spent the weekend with us.  We hope they might be able to join us on a permanent basis soon.
Several after meal activities took place.  There were line dancing lessons, Wii bowling, UNO, Bunco, and some rocking and fireplace gazing by a group that some labeled the Liar's Club.

We still need hosts for future rallies.  We have eased the suggested requirements to host a rally in order to make it easier for those that step up and try to contribute to our camping enjoyment.  We have some campgrounds to suggest if you don't have one, can find you a cohost to help make it an easier task, and can even help out with some of the preliminary work if you need it.  Call John at 6062460230 to ask what you can do to help us all have a great camping season.
There are very restrictive parking rules in Amish country!
The old
and the new!
KY Horse Shu Kru
Biker Chicks!
Becky, Phyllis and
    Thanks to the Agees and the Blakemores for finding Scenic Hills RV Park in Berlin, Ohio for our June rally.  It was a very nice park and we had a great time exploring the area while also checking out some of their great places to eat.  A heavy population of Amish makes it a fascinating place to visit.
    We found out that Der Dutchman restaurant has an oversized dining area and an oversized buffet bar to go with it.  And don't even get me started about the desserts! 
    There were also plenty of bakeries and all those other kind of places that attack the weak spots in my discipline.
Brenda found plenty of crafts and antiques to prowl through, but I'm too wise to mention anything about her discipline.

June 2013 Rally at Scenic Hills RV Park ~ Berlin, Ohio
2013 November rally at Cave Country RV Park in Cave City, KY
The numbers were small since some of us were still recovering from surgeries and couldn't attend and a couple of coaches had already headed south for the winter, but those that did make it had a great time at the local flea markets and restaurants.
2013 Christmas Dinner in Berea
July 2013 rally at Diamond Lakes RV Resort in Owensboro, KY